The After Dinner Scholar

Vacation, Leisure, and Philosophy with Dr. Michael Bolin

June 11, 2019

Memorial Day has come and gone and with school terms ending, it’s time for vacation. Ah, to get away and… and what? Run from cathedral to museum to monument to scenic vista? Deal with airports, TSA, rental cars, and driving? Work on your golf game? Rise up early to fish? Sit in the beach? Hike in the mountains?  Read? Do nothing? Try hard to avoid the all too common lament that I’ve returned from vacation only to find I need a vacation?

What’s the point of vacations anyway?  Is taking a vacation the same as leisure? If not, what is leisure?

Philosophers take vacations the same as the rest of us and Wyoming Catholic College Associate Professor of Philosophy, Dr. Michael Bolin just returned from a family vacation. Dr. Bolin is our guest on this edition of The After Dinner Scholar.