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“Shakespeare’s Rome”: The 2021 Wyoming School of Catholic Thought with Dr. Glenn Arbery

December 29, 2020

Wyoming Catholic College is pleased to announce that we will host another session of The Wyoming School of Catholic Thought. Adult learners will gather from across the country here in Lander from Sunday, June 6 to Friday, June 11 to discuss “Shakespeare’s Rome.”

We’ll dig into three of Shakespeare’s plays: “Coriolanus,” reflecting on the early years of the Roman Republic, followed by “Julius Caesar” and “Antony and Cleopatra” focusing on the end of the Republic and the beginning of the Roman Empire

What can we learn about: Rome and Shakespeare’s England? Rome and America? Rome and Christianity? Honor, eros, and that most Roman of virtues, piety? How can these plays inform our lives as individuals, as citizens, and as Catholic Christians?

This week's guest is Wyoming Catholic College president, Dr. Glenn Arbery, one of the professors at the Wyoming School.

For more information about The Wyoming School of Catholic Thought or to register visit the college website:

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