The After Dinner Scholar

College Admissions and the Classic Learning Test with Mr. Jeremy Tate

March 16, 2021

Education, as the current US Department of Education website has it, is all about “student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness.”

If that's the case, then it stands to reason that education will be entirely pragmatic, teaching skills—marketable skills—and that student success will be a function of pragmatic, marketable skills.

That’s especially clear in the seemingly esoteric world of college entrance tests—the SAT and ACT. Both tests claim to measure “college and career readiness” and schools, wanting their graduates to succeed “teach to the test,” conforming their curricula to the measured practical and marketable skills measured by the tests.

Partly as a result of his Christian convictions, Jeremy Tate who ran a company that helped students prep for the SAT and ACT, became disillusioned with the whole system and started a company to compete with the two giants of college admissions testing. Mr. Tate’s Classic Learning Test (CLT) continues to gain traction and it’s the test Wyoming Catholic College is most pleased to see in admissions transcripts. Mr. Tate visited Wyoming Catholic College and was kind enough to be our guest on this podcast. 

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